Welcome to Result Coaching!

At Result Coaching we work with individuals and commercial, statutory and third sector organisations to support and develop people's aspirations.

We specialise in working with people living with disability or long-term illness. 


Please have a look through the website.  As well as describing the services that we offer, you will find links to a number of free reports that we can send to you.


 Andy’s coaching support has been fantastic! Andy has coached me over a four month period on a variety of topics including the establishment of my business and management of my work life balance. Andy’s style of coaching is insightful, thoughtful and, at times when I needed it, he has challenged me to expand my belief in what is possible but most importantly, Andy has seriously motivated me to achieve! I would recommend Andy to anyone who wants to achieve their personal or business goals!

Samantha, small business owner, London

  I was fortunate enough to be referred to Andy at a point in my career when all options were on the table. The stakes were therefore very high, since the wrong decision would potentially have led me down the wrong path for years to come. Andy was extremely skilled in listening to the meaning behind my words, challenging my assumptions and helping me see in a new way. He explored what motivates me when setting life goals and helped me make what I now know to be the right decision about my future. I feel incredibly positive and am looking forward to the next part of my life, having benefited from Andy's skilful guidance. I recommend him without hesitation.

Steve Courtney, Manchester

Result Coaching is run by Andy Hilton.  We work with a diverse range of professional associates to ensure that we provide the best possible person for your coaching and training needs.  Please ask if you have any special accessibility needs or would prefer to specify a male or female coach.

Andy is a founder-Director of  Result CIC, a Community Interest Company  set up to work with charities and other third sector organisations.  You can see our website here www.resultcic.com